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Tutorial: Make a Photo Frame in Photoshop

How do we do it? Well, there are a few steps to follow and a few things you should keep in mind. Such as...

1) Keep in mind what color(s) in a frame works best with the colors of the photograph/image. I feel that the frame helps people digest the photograph sometimes. If I have a very dark image, I might choose to have a black frame to help the mind transition from the background of the web page or wall to the image. But if the image doesn't have pure blacks in it, a totally black frame will make the image look washed out. Alternatively, an all white frame will make a washed out image look a little better sometimes. So experiment.

2) Have an idea of what you want to accomplish. And remember that ideas are guidelines. If you can't make your vision work exactly the way you envisioned it, try something else.

3) Making a frame will increase the file size of the image. So if you have a slow computer, resize the image to approximately the final output size, then make the frame. This is especially true with Photoshop CS.

OK, now on to the frames. My apologies to the dial-up members. This tutorial is graphics-intensive. I have tried to lower the image quality as far as possible in order to keep the file sizes low.

We will start with our original image we want to work on.

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